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Street Smarts For The Well Prepared

How To Avoid Bad People & Bad Situations

Personal Protection Guide

Avoidance is the best conflict management strategy by far. For those times when you have to face your foes, we have put together a guide that teaches you how to outsmart someone – a bully, manipulator or any person that bears you ill intent. 

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“How To Protect Yourself Like A Pro” by Hawk R Bishop is a guide and blueprint for protecting both yourself and your loved ones by using street smart examples.

Get the guide now and become the most dangerous person in the room by following the training outlined inside. 

Gain the confidence to deal with any bully
Read body language and control yours
Learn how to protect yourself and your family from most common threats
Talk yourself out of trouble
Master your fear
Use tools and technologies to your advantage

Outsmart Your Enemy

Knowing Is Half The Battle

Bully At Work

Workplace conflict takes between 6-8 hours of a manager’s time each week and is a major cause of terminations.


Take control and change the outcome of an interaction with a sociopath that you cannot avoid.


Identify and defend yourself against a manipulation attempt at home, at work or even in business dealings.

01. You Can’t

Your beliefs, how you see the world are the cornerstone of your personality and how to react to interpersonal conflict. By working on those beliefs, you can change your reactions to what happens to you and possibly the outcome, too.

02. Always Avoid

“Conflict is the deliberate attempt to oppose, resist or coerce the will of another or others.” A. W. Green. Your best option is to avoid conflict altogether, but sometimes that is not possible.

03. Bad Situations

Violent crime is on the rise with an estimated 3.9% increase nationwide, according to the latest Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program report. You can change your habits and behavior to increase the chance that you are part of the unaffected population.

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How To Protect Yourself Like A Pro

The book teaches you skills that you can use from day one to protect yourself and your family from those who mean you harm.

become street smart
be the most dangerous person in the room
easy to read
easy to remember

Learn how to accept the world around you for what it is and not for what you wish it to be. And then start working to make it into what you wish it to be.

The book you needed to start you on the road to the person you crave to become.

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Certain Actions Reduce

Risk of Rape


Self defense, including verbal defense, works. Read our work and learn about proven ways to improve your personal safety.

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